Ask the Mexican government to protect animals from cruelty

Mercy For Animals was instrumental in securing a unanimous point of agreement in Mexico’s senate that encourages the department of agriculture to implement supervision and inspections of Mexican slaughterhouses and shut down establishments like this one that engage in such extreme acts of cruelty.

Now it’s up to you to add your voice to that of Mexico’s congress and sign a petition demanding that the department of agriculture take action.

Dear Department of Agriculture,

I am horrified after watching incredibly disturbing video footage of animal cruelty at a government-owned slaughterhouse in Mexico.

The video shows terrified cows cut open and left to bleed while still able to feel pain. This sickening abuse has no place in a civilized society and does not reflect the values of Mexican citizens, who care about animal welfare.

Cows and other animals are sensitive, intelligent beings who deserve protection from cruelty and suffering. As long as they’re slaughtered for meat, the least we can do is ensure they aren’t tortured to death.

It is time for the Department of Agriculture to reduce the suffering animals endure by implementing proper supervision and inspections of slaughterhouses in Mexico, in light of their legal responsibilities under the Federal Law on Animal Health (Ley Federal de Sanidad Animal) and applicable technical regulations on the protection of animal welfare during slaughter. It is vital for authorities to ensure compliance with our legal framework and penalize those who violate current laws and regulations. Noncompliant and clandestine establishments carrying out extreme acts of cruelty should be shut down.

This is a commonsense measure that would greatly alleviate suffering for millions of animals a year in Mexico.

Thank you.


Imagine being trapped with no way to escape—and what happens next is your worst nightmare. Cows are repeatedly shot with stun guns, kicked, dragged, cut open, and left bleeding—all while still able to feel pain.

Television star María Gabriela de Faría narrates this shocking video exposing even more rampant animal cruelty inside Mexico’s government-owned slaughterhouses.

just babies

Some cows are sent to slaughter pregnant. Babies never take their first breath. They die along with their mothers.

Rampant abuse

This is the seventh investigation Mercy For Animals has conducted at government-owned slaughterhouses across Mexico.

Every time our investigators enter these facilities, they emerge with appalling images of animal abuse.

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“I was greatly disturbed and appalled to watch footage of such horrifying cruelty towards pigs. … This method of slaughter is very inhumane and should not be tolerated. No animal should have to ever endure it. … The facility where this footage was taken shows extreme disregard for the basic welfare of its animals as well as lack of proper oversight of its workers.”

Dr. Armaiti May

“Electroimmobilization that paralyzes an animal, as this did, without first inducing unconsciousness is extremely aversive and is unacceptable. Electrical sparks were emitted during the application of the cardiac phase, demonstrating an ineffective application of the electric device and an insufficient current.”

Dr. Katherine van Ekert

“Pigs … are fully capable of experiencing pain, fear, anxiety, distress and suffering. … In this facility, abusive handling and careless, traumatic stunning cause immense suffering. Overall animal welfare here is unacceptable. Animals are suffering from beginning to end. This facility should cease operations.”

Dr. Debra Teachout

“This is an extremely disturbing video. It is essentially a textbook for poor handling and total insensitivity to the fact that the workers are dealing with living beings capable of suffering. I have been in many swine facilities and slaughterhouses—this is the worst I have ever seen.”

Dr. Bernard Rollin


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